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[Prevent Decolorization]

This Germany Pro embroidery repair agent will keep the color and prevent decolorization, that will let the color or pattern keep longer and bright.

[Reduce Wrinkles]

The cream will efficiently prevent scar and reduce the harm after you have embroidered. It will reduce the wrinkles and hurt on the skin, and will keep your skin more comfortable.

[Against Allergy]

This repair cream contains DH.BF factor, that will help you against allergy. It can also effectively help the skin to resist bacteria and infection.

[Avoiding Itch]

This Repair cream are good at keeping the skin moisture, which will make your skin feel smoothly. Effectively avoiding the itch on dry skin.

[Ideal Skin Protector]

The Creami will be your best skin protector, after embroidered eyebrow or lip. It will restore your skin quickly.


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